Beta Glucan Benefits

Benefits of Beta Glucan

Beta glucan is a naturally occurring compound that is formed from sugar molecules, and found in many plant sources. There have been a variety of health benefits linked to beta glucan, specifically with the beta-1 3d glucan form, which is insoluble, and has more biological activity than other types of polysaccharides.

Beta 1 3d glucan is recognized by cells in the immune system, and can modify immune system responses, which is where some of the health benefits with this compound are derived from. The body strengthens the immune system in response to beta glucan, and increases production of white blood cells, as well as helps to reduce allergic responses to non-harmful molecules. There is some evidence showing that beta glucan consumption has assisted in stopping the spread of infectious diseases in certain settings, which makes sense given that this molecule can help to mobilize the immune system to protect the body from invaders.

Taking beta 1 3d glucan has been linked to reduced blood cholesterol concentrations. Scientific studies found that regular consumption of beta glucan molecules is important for regulating blood cholesterol, and making sure that it remains at healthy, normal levels. Blood cholesterol levels are an important factor in maintaining a healthy weight, so beta glucans should be a part of anyone’s diet that is interested in looking after their own health. These fibrous molecules can help to regulate intestinal motility, helping to reduce symptoms of indigestion, and also assist with decreasing low density lipoprotein levels, which can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Studies on Beta Glucan

Although studies have yet to prove this link in humans, some preliminary studies on animal models show that beta 1 3d glucan could have activities that help to reduce or destroy tumors from cancer. Animals that were administered this amazing molecule showed longer survival times, and humans that took beta glucans from shiitake mushrooms in another study also tended to live longer, although this does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship between beta glucan and curing cancer.

Other health benefits from taking beta glucan have been studied to some extent, and the results are encouraging. Beta 1 3d glucan seems to have a role in helping wounds to heal, helping the body to recover from surgery, reduce damage to tissue in cases of arthritis, and reduce nose inflammation due to allergies. As it is studied more beta glucan will surely reveal more health-related surprises.

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