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Are you working on any Beta Glucan studies now?

  Right now I’m still comparing individual glucans to figure out which is the best and how to use it for school age children. Particularly from the countries where there is heavy pollution, their respiratory system is breaking down fully and glucan seems to be extremely active there. So right now I am doing all

Do I still need Beta Glucan even if I change my diet?

  It will not be the same effect as if you change the diet. If you change it from bacon to carrot or something like that, of course, it will do the body good. It will not save you from everything. It is a food always to be used in moderation. Also any help we

Can pets benefit from Beta Glucan?

  Sure it is, don’t forget that all the research started on animals, we never used it in humans for maybe 20-25 years. It does work, it actually works in any animal you can think of. It might even be one of the oldest modulators or stimulators of the animals system we know. It is

How do you think Beta Glucan will affect the future of medicine?

  I personally think that in the next five to ten years it will be an officially approved drug in the whole Western world. The question which I really cannot answer is how expensive it will be as soon as Big Pharma steps into it. So far they are sitting basically on the fences and letting the small

What is an Immunomodulator?

  It is kind of a general term which I don’t even think is just to characterize it or anything like that. If it is a natural which means the molecule has to come from a natural source because sometimes you can have a modulator which is completely synthetic, the term “immunomodulator” means that it

Does Beta Glucan have any Prebiotic or Probiotic properties?

  Our research, I mean science in general is just in at the beginning in this particular type of research. We are not really sure. There our studies suggesting it most probably will have beneficial effects but compared to the other studies we were talking about, we are just at the beginning. So we don’t know but we expect

How does Beta Glucan compare to other Immune System Supplements?

  Well, this is rather easily to answer. Glucan has one really big advantage, it is the most studied immunomodulator or natural immonomodulator of them all. The biological studies go to tens of thousands. If you think of anything else you might find 10 papers, 15 papers. So that’s one thing. You might not believe in

Can Beta Glucan be used topically?

  Strangely, it is heavily used in the cosmetic industry. You now can find glucan in almost any type of creams and eye drops, whatever the women use. To some extent it is used as a filling material because of the fiber properties. Also, it’s used because the molecule glucan is a little bit strange.

Is Beta Glucan beneficial to children?

  If you say children, let’s say thinking of about 6 to 12-16. Not really a one-year-old there’s probably no reason to feed one-year-old children the glucan. It would be absolutely close to impossible to figure out how much, so it’s really not necessary. Plus the immune system is so undeveloped around year one, but

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