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Water Pouring Into Pool With Bubbles

How to Clean a Jupiter Water Ionizer – Vinegar Bath

Vinegar Bath for Your Ionizer If your Water Ionizer output slows, it may need a vinegar cleaning to remove the naturally occurring buildup that results from “hard water.” The most common places for such buildup are on the electrodes inside the machine, the acid water disposal port, and the flexible silver spout. The easiest way

Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer

AlkaLife Alkaline Booster The human body is made up of about 60% water; in this water, cellular metabolism and transportation of nutrients takes place. An acidic liquid medium is a breeding ground for various microbes and diseases. Acid overload will distort the pH balance of the body; this is caused by excess accumulation of free

Slow Down Aging

How to Slow Down Aging When you’re young, you want to be old; when you’re old, you want to be young; we all think we will never get old, maybe even live forever. Is there a way to slow down aging? Even though time marches on, yes, you can slow down aging. Drinking Alkaline Water

"Reverse Aging" by Sang Whang

AlkaLife Sang Whang As science and technology become more advanced, people progressively live longer than before. Diseases have been cured or contained, surgeries invented, and technology has hastened several surgical procedures. But people still age, get sick, and die. Why is that? Well, according to inventor and scientist Sang Whang, it’s because the human body

Jupiter, Best Water Filters

Water Nutrition Since it makes up the bulk of the Earth and our bodies, having a refreshing glass of water should seemingly be simple. However, with the vast amount of pollutants and unhealthy minerals found in our everyday tap, you might not be so quick to fill up a glass after all. With this in

Jupiter Delphi Advantages

Alkaline Water, Perfect pH

While there is still some skepticism regarding alkaline water, it is important to know how beneficial a high pH solution can really be. If you are eager to start drinking this ionization, take note of the many paradigms while purchasing. What Does pH Stand For? Just finding a standard ionizer may not be enough to deliver

Jupiter Ionized Water Filters

Water Filters by Jupiter There’s no question that we need water to survive. Any healthy diet requires adequate amounts of healthy water. What makes water healthy or unhealthy? Most people drink either tap water or filtered tap water from bottles. Tap water can be full of unnecessary or even harmful substances including chlorine which has

Jupiter Alkaline Water Ionizers

Jupiter Alkaline | Ionizing Your Body Jupiter Water Ionizers are a top brand in the United States. Buying one is an investment but they are worth the price tag as far as one’s health is concerned. Jupiter water ionizers have a model for every budget. The machines use Biostone Filters which are the best water

Ionized Water, Alkaline Filters

Ionize Water with Jupiter Alkaline Filters Acidic waste stores in our cells when our systems burn off the nutrients we need. The body must rid itself of this toxic waste through urination and perspiration for us to maintain our health. To help the body detox this waste, we need to drink high quality water to

Alkaline Water, Pure Water

Alkaline Water, the Purity Pure drinking water is a necessity for existence and today, drinking purified water has become a lifestyle. We’re drinking more water in order to maintain a healthy diet, while providing our bodies with the nutrients to function properly. Knowing what is in the water you’re drinking is important, understanding why purified

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