Do you discard 90% of Beta Glucan batches?

Yes, our Beta Glucan goes through a rigorous purification process and only 10% of the “batches” meet our minimum purity standard of 85%. The “discarded” portions of beta glucan not used in our product are sold off to other companies who sell an inferior beta glucan product.

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AJ Lanigan

Although they are not discarded, batches that are not up to my standards are not sold by me or under the brand Transfer Point. There are many other glucan compounds out there being sold at lesser purities. For example, you may see one product claiming to be a 65% or a 60% minimum whereas my product, is nothing less than 85% purity: these numbers are determined by a dry weight-to-weight basis of glucan. Many of our batches contain more than 93% of the complex carbohydrate Beta Glucan, making Transfer Point the Most Effective Immune System Modulator Available. While these numbers and percentages seem minuscule, you have to consider the measurements per dose; you will experience a minimum of an 8 times greater effectiveness with our product. Thus, you would have to purchase enough competitor glucan to make up for the difference in purity and, frankly, that is a lot of money.

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