Does Glucan help with stress, injuries or surgeries?

Yes, Beta Glucan can provide benefits to your immune system in these specific situations. It is now well-known that stress is an immunosuppressant and by taking Beta Glucan it can work to offset the negative aspects of stress by safely increasing a person’s immune response. The same can be said when someone experiences an injury or undergoes surgery. Anytime there is trauma to the body, your immune system rushes to the scene as your first line of defense. Having safe, additional immune support is crucial.

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As Answered By
Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka

If it is an injury, like you hit your thumb somewhere, it probably won’t help you too much. Surgery is a different story, every type of surgery is dangerous from the point of an infection, probably more than from the original injury or some kind of error of the surgeon or something like that. The possibility of getting an infection in the hospital is significant and getting worst every time. If you are on the glucan, basically, your immune system is much more active and ready to fight any infection that might occur, so again you are ready for something which might or might not happen, but it is better to be prepared.

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