Why Transfer Point is Best and How

Our Beta Glucan goes through a rigorous purification process developed by creator, AJ Lanigan. Once this purification process takes place only about 10% of a given “batch” meets our 85% minimum purity standard. The “scraps”, so to speak, are sold off and marketed by other companies. In addition, the product has been tested time and time again proving its efficacy. When compared to other heavily marketed immune system products it comes out on top every single time. Most of these studies are conducted by a disinterested third party researcher at the University of Louisville. In these studies, immune response levels are safely tested on both humans and animals. Our product is also Non-GMO encased in a Vegan, plant-based capsule.

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As Answered By
AJ Lanigan

Transfer Point is certainly one of the most renowned brands out there in the marketplace. In our world of immune system support, when you ask “What’s the best immune system supplement out there?”; well, the transfer point name is the most recognized. Anyone who has spent time reviewing side-by-side comparisons of our product with, again, just about any other kind of immune compound; regardless of the source, you’re going to find that transfer point outperforms all competitors. This has been for years; this is not a new phenomenon that conclusive research done by disinterested third parties in major universities, teaching hospitals here in the US, facilities Europe, and the Far East have all agreed upon Transfer Point’s potency 100%. It’s not like echinacea, where half say it works and the other half disagrees.

Across the board, you get unanimous agreement that transfer point is the brand in Immunity Support: “you’ve arrived, stop looking!”

As Answered By
AJ Lanigan

There are countless peer-reviewed medical articles, particularly over the last six or seven years, that test Transfer Point (aka Glucan 300) side-by-side with all the best-known, most widely available immune supplements and modulators. Its superiority has been published time and time again, in one medical journal after another. In fact, one medical journal stated that this compound is the only relevant immune modulator out there. There are less potent compounds that require a “16 fold or even 160 fold” dose compared to what you would get from a single dose or even a fractional dose of Transfer Point Beta-1 3D Glucan.

The material in Transfer Point Beta Glucan is more Biologically Active at 1/8th the dose or even 1/16th the dose recommended for our 100mg capsule. In other words, it may take 30 to 50 times the dosage of another product to elicit an immune response that is even close to Transfer Point’s effects. The purity, biological activity, and the potency of Transfer Point Beta Glucan has been tested countless times, under countless circumstances. If it does not meet certain quality and purity standards, it is rejected. In fact, the majority of Beta Glucan produced (about 80%) by the manufacturer is not given the Transfer Point label because it does not meet their stringent criteria. The product’s effectiveness is based on science and it has been extensively tested and proven. There is no argument as to the truth of its Superiority, every bottle produced is held to the same high standard of rigor.

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