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L-Proline and L-Lysine Benefits

What Causes a Heart Attack?

Heart Attack: these two words strike fear in the minds of many and for good reason. Heart disease is the leading cause of death, killing 599,000 people in the United States annually. What causes a heart attack? In simple terms, it is a lack of oxygen-rich blood feeding the proprietary organelle. If the muscle does not receive enough oxygen, it begins to die and a heart attack follows. The most common cause of this occurrence is a blood clot blocking a coronary artery, preventing blood from reaching the heart.

Why Does the Clot Form in the First Place?

Medical researchers state that only 10% of heart attacks happen because of reasons beyond our control such as age or heredity. The Diagram of The Cardiovascular Systemother 90% of risk factors include smoking, diabetes, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, poor stress management, eating too few vegetables and fruits, high blood pressure and harmful cholesterol.

Although the drama of the 911 call and the panicked ambulance ride to the emergency room is an urgent event, a heart attack does not occur suddenly. Coronary Artery Disease, the process that usually leads to a heart attack, develops over many years due to a combination of risk factors; unhealthy cholesterol or “plaque” builds up in coronary arteries, or narrowing passages damaging the arterial lining. This is Atherosclerosis; just before a heart attack, plaque ruptures. A blood clot forms due to the rupture; if the clot is large enough, it blocks blood flow to the heart.

The Heart2Heart supplement with the amino acids L-Proline and L-Lysine, can play an important role in the war against coronary artery disease. Referred to as the building blocks of life, amino acids are molecules that combine to form proteins. When proteins are broken down during digestion, the amino acids become available to the body for essential tasks such as the development of antibodies and hormones, as well as for growth and repair of bodily tissue. Lysine is not made by the human body; it must come from food or supplements. While proline is made by the body, in times of illness or stress, not enough is produced and it also must be consumed. L-Proline and L-Lysine in the Heart2Heart supplement work together to form collagen. Collagen is vital in the growth and maintenance of arteries, veins and connective tissue such as ligaments, cartilage and tendons; it also works to keep muscles flexible, including the heart.

Benefits of L-Proline and L-Lysine

In addition to their teamwork to form collagen, the amino acids in Heart2Heart also play individual roles. Research has found that L-proline may reverse atherosclerotic deposits. During the development of coronary artery disease, lipoproteins (fat globules) carrying cholesterol adhere to the lining of blood vessels. L- Proline appears to work like an adhesive remover, helping to release the fat globules into the bloodstream, carrying them away while at the same time preventing further deposits from forming. As plaques decrease in size, the chance of them rupturing and causing a blood clot is significantly reduced. L-Lysine is a precursor for carnitine, an amino acid important in fat and glucose metabolism. Lack of adequate carnitine results in elevated triglyceride levels, which are responsible for insulin resistance. The consequence is diabetes, another risk factor for heart disease.

Combined with healthy lifestyle decisions, the Heart2Heart supplement is a wise choice in the battle against heart disease.

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