What is Micronized Beta Glucan?

Micronized Beta Glucan – Does Size Matter?


“Before rushing out to get Beta Glucans supplements, it is important to note that size matters. Many inferior versions contain large particulate sizes that also tend to re-aggregate (clump together) once ingested. Look for Glucans that have small particle sizes (one to two microns) for the best absorption with little chance of aggregation.”
– (NaturalNews.com, 2012)


In the past 13 years, this has been one of the most repeated false statements regarding Beta Glucan. The two links cited in the “sources” section of the above article, are filled with biased, misleading information on Beta Glucan. It would be impossible for a consumer to make an informed decision based on the current content.

The manufacturer of Beta-1, 3D Glucan (A.J. Lanigan) sums this issue up accordingly:

“In general, the aforementioned article contains misguiding, incomplete remarks on the topic-at-hand. Since thousands of people are reading this NaturalNews entry, it needs to be thoroughly edited. God made all baker’s yeast cell walls the same. They multiply by “budding” off one another, replicating each time. These cells/buds may vary depending upon age from 2 to 4 microns. One of the single best resources on phagocyte interaction is the 2004 Journal of Immunology. This study contains pictures to demonstrate the progression of digested Beta Glucan as the immune cells break down the particles. Ultimately, this phagocytosis (immune cells engulfing the Beta Glucan) yields a water-soluble molecule that binds to the CR3 receptor (a binding point on a white blood cell). It is this binding of the complement receptor by the water soluble molecule (Beta Glucan) that activates the receptor (awakens the immunocyte).

Rather that depending upon undocumented web quotes, I would strongly advise using Medline and PubMed for a quick, reliable, and well-resourced reference. Use “Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret” by Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka as a disinterested third-party. This book is well written with an extensive, scholarly bibliography. Dr. Vetvicka is head of the pathology department at the University of Louisville; he is considered by many, to be the world’s leading expert on Beta Glucan.” (A.J. Lanigan)

False information like this has been published and syndicated all over the internet by Nutritional Scientific Corp (NSC). This company claims to sell a “micronized” beta glucan product – this is nothing more than an unscientific marketing gimmick to push an inferior product.

I have included an additional study done at the University of Louisville that cross-compares the world’s top immune system supplements. In this study, you will find the NSC product hardly affects any of the immunological markers tested: even at its highest dose.

A.J. Lanigan’s Glucan 300 (Beta-1, 3D Glucan), is scientifically proven to be 160x as effective as Immunition’s “highly-micronized” glucan: proving size doesn’t matter. Since they cannot claim purity, potency, or effectiveness; they mislead their customers with arbitrary pseudo-science.

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