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The Amazing Benefits of Beta Glucan

November 17, 2014
Last updated September 27, 2018

Ever wonder why medical doctors recommend eating oatmeal to prevent cardiovascular disease? It’s all about heart healthy soluble fiber. Found in barely, beans, fruits, lentils, oat bran, and peas soluble fiber slows digestion and has been clinically shown to lower cholesterol. And what’s the best source of heart healthy soluble fiber that you can get? […]

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New Study Proves Transfer Point is the Best Beta Glucan

September 4, 2014
Last updated September 27, 2018

Which Beta Glucan is Best? Personally, I wonder how two or three different companies, each selling a product that claims to do the same thing, can all be “The Best.” After working for Better Way Health for almost four years, I have found that our world of beta glucan is not exempt from marketing gimmicks […]

Bottle Of Beta- 1,3D Glucan 60 Capsules, 500 mg each

Beta Glucan Comparisons

April 24, 2014
Last updated September 27, 2018

How Does Transfer Point Beta Glucan Compare to other Immune System Supplements? It is likely (since you are reading this article) you are doing your own research on which beta glucan to take. There are literally thousands of both natural and synthetic products that claim the ability to boost your immune system. It seems that every website […]

Bottle Of Beta- 1,3D Glucan 60 Capsules, 500 mg each

What is Micronized Beta Glucan?

December 2, 2013
Last updated September 27, 2018

Micronized Beta Glucan – Does Size Matter? Myth: “Before rushing out to get Beta Glucans supplements, it is important to note that size matters. Many inferior versions contain large particulate sizes that also tend to re-aggregate (clump together) once ingested. Look for Glucans that have small particle sizes (one to two microns) for the best […]