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How to Boost Your Child’s Immune System

How to Boost Your Child’s Immune System

The kids are back in school and the lines will soon begin to blur between school season and cold season as kid pass around their illnesses. All told, an estimated 22 million school days are missed every year, just because of the common cold. (1) Influenza claims another 38 million. (2) When kids are home

How to Sneak Vegetables in Your Kid's Diet

How to Sneak Vegetables in Your Kid’s Diet

Our kids are our future, and if we are what we eat, the future looks to be rather unhealthy. The foundation of health is the diet – preventing chronic illness, yes, but also sustaining the intestinal flora that is connected with immunity, cognitive function, and overall wellness. For picky eaters, the struggle is even more

Top 5 Immune System Killers

Top 5 Immune System Killers

The immune system executes incredibly intricate processes that scientists don’t yet fully understand. When it’s operating at its peak efficiency, it can identify and remove threats to wellness, remember and replicate previous immune responses, and heal cellular and tissue damage. If it is functioning too high or too low, however, it can cause chronic pain

Containers of Super Foods

Top 5 Green Superfoods to Eat

You’ve probably heard a lot about green Superfoods lately. They’re the main ingredients in healthy energy bars, pre-made smoothie powders and even now in gluten-free cereals! Now, don’t let the name mislead you. You don’t need wear a cape and they won’t turn you into the Incredible Hulk when they eat them. The reason they’re

Mom And Daughter Cleaning With Toxic Chemicals

How to Avoid Toxins in House Cleaners

Ever since the famous 1984 paper published in the American Journal of Public Health, it is fairly common knowledge that our skin is a giant sponge. Highlighting the dangers of the chemicals in drinking water, scientists concluded: A review of the experimental literature revealed that skin penetration rates for solvents are remarkably high, and that

Woman Holding Peppers In Store

When to Buy Organic Vs. Non-Organic

Grocery shopping can be a difficult task, let alone worrying about organic vs. non-organic foods. On the one hand, I’m sure that you want to provide the best for your family, and minimize (if not completely cut out) the toxins that they are exposed to. On the other hand, I’m sure that many of you

5 Reasons Every Child Should be Taking Beta Glucan

5 Reasons Every Child Should be Taking Beta Glucan

The vitamin craze of the past couple of decades is beginning to come to a sensible head. Where we once insisted that all kids take their vitamins (pick a vitamin, any vitamin!), we now work to help kids eat their vitamins in whole foods and supplement only when necessary. Healthy foods are being marketed to

Enjoy Glowing Skin With Beta Glucan

Enjoy Glowing Skin With Beta Glucan

Skincare is a multibillion dollar industry, promising everything from agelessness to UV protection to beautification. But glowing skin is so much more than a covering. It is the largest organ of the body, involved in hormone exchange, waste, protection, temperature regulation and so much more. It is our first defense against intrusions – a key

By including a healthy smoothie in your kids’ menu regularly, you can get plenty of vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Great Tasting Healthy Smoothies for Kids

We all want our kids to choose healthy foods. Who hasn’t dreamed that their five year old would ask for broccoli, or turn down soda for water? Sometimes our dreams come true. Other times, we order the corndog and pray they don’t turn into a radioactive comic book character because of it. Raising a whole

Four Smoothie Recipes that Kids Love

Four Smoothie Recipes that Kids Love

Almond Butter & ‘Nanner Treat Protein: 1-3 tbsp almond butter Liquid: 1-2 cups almond or coconut milk as needed Texture: 1 cup sliced frozen banana* Flavor: 1 tsp vanilla Color: Handful baby spinach Mix-ins: Chocolate chips, cocoa powder, coconut flakes *Tip: Slice bananas and spread onto a wax-papered cookie sheet. Set in freezer overnight. Remove,

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